About Us

Alpha Gloves - Pushing The Boundaries
Josh Baltimore had a vision to push the boundaries of the status quo for work gloves.

Working under Kenny Dolenak, he learned the importance of building a high quality product and listening to the needs of the customers to improve the work glove. 


After leaving a successful glove company, he spotted a growing trend in the glove industry. Glove manufacturers were in a race to the bottom, cutting costs and quality every chance they could. This, in turn, was changing the way end users viewed the work glove and impacting the industry's reputation.


His dream of high quality hand protection became a reality when he founded Alpha Gloves in 2017. Since the conception of Alpha Gloves, Baltimore and his team stands by their work and firmly believe in the motto, "For Mechanics by Mechanics."


Alpha Gloves proudly produces its newest line of products that go well beyond the scope of mechanics, pit crews, race teams, track workers and fire/rescue professionals. The company's philosophy of research, development, product, price and service, means each Alpha glove is uniquely designed to exceed the needs of any specific job.